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Another New Seacoast Retail Location - MaxEdge Fitness, Hampton NH

We are so excited to be adding another Seacoast NH retail location. MaxEdge Fitness Training, voted Best Independently Owned Fitness Center in NH, will now be offering The Honest Egg C🐝D products for sale. They offer group training sessions that will challenge ANY level of fitness. You can’t find a better team than Jay, Nancy, and Jack to get you moving and keep you motivated. You can find it right at the front desk when you sign in!

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Is there JUNK in your CBD?

“Know Your CBD” Safety SeriesWelcome to installment two in our CBD Safety Series by The Honest Egg. Share this, please! You may help someone who needs relief realize they don’t need to be afraid of an Honest CBD product like ours. Don’t let the title of this mislead you: when you consider the vast amount of drugs and pharmaceuticals out there, those can be scary (1). Many are made of synthetic, human-designed compounds that were never found on earth until someone created them in a lab. Contrarily, cannabis products are not like that. Hemp has been around for nearly 5,000 years (2). It grows in every climate except very cold ones, and was a favored crop in our country’s forefathers’...

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Don’t Let Your CBD Send You to the ER!

Don’t Let Your CBD Send You to the ER!Welcome to The Honest Egg’s first “CBD Safety Series” article. My goal here is to give you a short and succinct explanation of buying quality CBD. I enjoy reading CBD material for hours, but most of you don’t have that time, so here it is IN SHORT: Don’t buy your product from Amazon. Don’t buy anything that doesn’t have certifications! And if you are going to vape, be EXTRA careful! Look for batch and lot numbers on your labels. Look for evidence of 3rd party testing. Look for organically grown in the USA (or Western Europe). And your ingredient label should be super short: a carrier oil (MCT or hemp seed are...

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