Is there JUNK in your CBD?

“Know Your CBD” Safety Series

Welcome to installment two in our CBD Safety Series by The Honest Egg. Share this, please! You may help someone who needs relief realize they don’t need to be afraid of an Honest CBD product like ours.

Don’t let the title of this mislead you: when you consider the vast amount of drugs and pharmaceuticals out there, those can be scary (1). Many are made of synthetic, human-designed compounds that were never found on earth until someone created them in a lab.

Contrarily, cannabis products are not like that. Hemp has been around for nearly 5,000 years (2). It grows in every climate except very cold ones, and was a favored crop in our country’s forefathers’ time, and was a common animal feed far before anyone was able to create drugs in labs.

But you know that “naturally-occurring” doesn’t always equate to “healthy.” Some wild mushrooms and berries will kill us!

Thankfully, since the discovery of the endocannabinoid system in the 1970s, research has been ongoing (not so much in the US until recently, but in Israel and the UK) and we know that CBD is very safe! The World Health Organization has deemed it safe, as well.

**On alert for Junk in your CBD**

But cannabis plants are super absorbers — they’re kind of like the bottom feeders of the ocean cleaning up junk — they are part of nature’s Clean Up Crew. Farmers use it between crop rotations to clean up their soil and it superbly absorbs pesticides used in the growing process. Hemp’s phytoremediation properties may be good for cleaning up Chernobyl, but you don’t want your CBD coming from that hemp (4)!
Also, after harvest, cannabis quickly grows mold.

Heavy metals, mold, and pesticides? Would you want those in your bloodstream? Nah, I think you’d rather avoid those.

**Which Cannabinoids, if Any at All?**

You are presumably buying CBD from us for the benefits of the phytocannabinoid called CBD. Our full spectrum products (currently everything we have) also have other cannabinoids in them like CBG, CBN, CBx, etc (there are 113 of them!).

If you were to hunt out cheaper forms of CBD products, you might find some items on Amazon called hemp seed oil or hemp oil. Don’t be fooled by these. Hemp seed oil is from the hemp seeds and has virtually zero CBD! If a product is called hemp oil, first, don’t buy it if it’s not domestically, organically grown. Hemp oil may or may not have cannabinoids; it depends if it was pressed from the seeds or the whole plant. You can find out by looking at the company’s lab reports. Just don’t buy anything without first reading the lab report and matching that report to the batch on the bottle you are buying.

**What are CBD Lab Reports For?**

These are one page reports company’s ought to provide showing you the cannabinoid and terpene profile in their products.
The Honest Egg’s products are tested twice! Our raw ingredients are tested first at our CBD processing plant, and then we test a sample again after delivery to us.

70% of CBD products on the market may not contain what they claim to (3). And they may contain more THC than you want, which can be a real problem If you aren’t looking for a high or are subject to drug testing!

Your trust is very important to us at The Honest Egg. Your CBD has integrity when it is bought through us!


Catie McLaughlin